How Scents4Saints Started


Hey Saints! My name Is Yezeel, and I am the CEO and founder of Scents4Saints. Welcome to my online beauty supply store! Scents4Saints is a natural hair and skin care line created to help encourage healthy skin and hair maintenance. Our intentions are to help women and even men to be able to embrace the natural hair texture that grows out of their own scalp, with minimum manipulation and chemicals. Scents4Saints' products are not only made with all natural ingredients, but also smell heavenly.


   I initially wanted to start my own natural hair care line when my hair broke all the way off - up to my ears - during the summer of 2013. While on vacation, I swam in the pool every day. Now everyone who knows anything about natural hair knows that swimming without a protective style and swim cap can be very detrimental to your texture. With that being said, it was so damaged I had to do a big chop. Later down the line, one of my family members gave me all the tips I needed to restore my hair back too life. It was such a long journey of constantly getting my hair use to a regime of protective styles and natural oils/butters.


   With that being said, products that contain chemicals are so overrated. Living in a generation where quantity exceeds quality depletes the value of any products being made. Most companies mean well when they say their hair and skin care products are made all-natural and free from sulfates. But mass production sometimes means a lack of TLC is left behind.


   I knew at that moment in 2013, that enough is enough. We wanted women and men to learn how to love their natural hair all over again. We not only make everything from scratch, but include the finest organic oils and scents - without any harsh preservatives that may cause irritation. While our natural hair and skin care products may smell heavenly, they aim to promote thick, strong, and luscious hair while also helping to heal any skin conditions you may be experiencing. Start your very own natural hair journey when you become a Scents4Saints customer. Your confidence equals our happiness!

All of our products are homemade and all-natural.
We do not test on animals.
No do not add harsh chemicals, sulfates or parabens.
We only use the best high quality bases, scents, oils, and colorants. 
All products are hypoallergenic.